Boris FX Sapphire 2021.0 Patch + Keygen {Latest} Free Download

Boris FX Sapphire 2021.0 License Key + Crack {Latest} Free Download

Boris FX Sapphire Serial Key + Activator {Tested} Free Download

Boris FX Sapphire 2021.0 Crack lets you create a stunning organic look that no host’s native effects tool can match. Key features include 270+ effects and 3,000+ presets, a powerful transitions and effects generator, and tracking and incognito integrated with the Academy Award-winning Mocha. Sapphire’s superior image quality, control, and rendering speed offers huge time savings, allowing creatives to focus on what matters most, delivering impact that keeps viewers coming back.

UltraGlow is the latest evolution of the legendary Light Boris FX Sapphire 2021.0 Patch, the most popular and preferred light effect in all of the post-production. UltraGlow Sapphire 2021 offers all the beauty, speed, and ease of use of S_Glow, but adds many new and unique parameters that create stunning photorealism and countless dramatic displays. Warning: once you’ve tried Sapphire UltraGlow, you may never use S_Glow again.

Boris FX Sapphire 2021.0 Keygen UltraGlow emulates real-world optics-based light and features a host of controls for customization. Make the primary glow first, then add a “secondary glow” for an additional level of photorealism. Control brightness, threshold, fallout, skew, width, primary and secondary colors, strokes, and more. New Atmosphere and Highlights functions allow for more dynamic highlights. Highlight introduces a user-defined automatic animation of highlights or streaks of light in your image. Ambiance adds a smoky or hazy look to your glow, giving the effect a more diffuse or realistic look.

Boris FX Sapphire 2021.0 Activator UltraGlow displays an organized layout of structured parameters in order of operations. Spend less time searching and more time being creative. UltraGlow features GPU acceleration for Metal and CUDA compatible cards. Mac and PC users experience faster speeds and shorter render times. Prepare to be amazed at a new addition in 2021: Sapphire UltraZap! Brother of effects with S_Zap, which is used in many movies, TV shows, and commercials, UltraZap improves it with new parameters and functions. With a secondary bolt system that wraps around the main bolt, making photorealistic electrical bolts, field, arcs, and currents have never been easier.

Boris FX Sapphire 2021.0 Crack UltraZap is perfect for photorealistic lighting and electrical effects. But this is just the beginning. Create ultra-subtle stroke effects in modern text treatments and style animations that automatically rotate without keyframes. UltraZap can work with just a custom animated spline structure or it can wrap native AE types or paths. Easily create neon special effects or exciting motion graphics displays. UltraZap is equipped with a secondary bolt system that can be independently controlled with custom positioning, animation, and color control. Attach bolts made in different shapes over the primary bolts for an endless look and custom effects.

Boris FX Sapphire 2021.0 Serial Key UltraGlow is included as part of UltraZap. Having these new effects within UltraZap allows artists to create incredibly realistic light effects directly within UltraZap. UltraZap features the Academy Award-winning Mocha planar tracking system, in effect. Artists can use Mocha to track UltraZap’s native spline position data, enabling the creation of complex animations without a single mainframe.

Starting from a blank slate is always difficult, which is why UltraGlow and UItra Zap come with over 40 new presets to help you get up and running quickly. Perfect for full-screen video treatments and designed for typography. Many are fully animated without the need for keyframes. Work smarter, work faster, work better.

A deadlier lens flare depends on the details: the little things don’t impress, but together they can leave you saying “wow!” Sapphire’s 2021 launch of LensFlare adds those two little things: the ability to move elements off-axis and adjust their relative speed. This version also includes a collection of 10 new sparkles that showcase these new and recently added features, such as element shading. The end result is that you can now create LensFlares with all new sophistication and elegance. Sapphire 2021 presents our best LensFlares collection to date!

Boris FX Sapphire 2021.0 Key Features:


  • Simple color correction: all the tools you need for advanced color correction. Includes more than 10 effects.
  • Channel switch: Rearranges RGBA channels of source clips.
  • HotSpots: Produces hotspot images that contain an area of ​​the source clip brighter than a specified threshold.
  • Threshold: Sets the source clip’s color channel to turn on or off completely with a specific softness and threshold.
  • DuoTone: Interpolates between two specific colors using the brightness of the source clip.
  • ClampColors: Reduces the chrominance of the input clip if necessary so that it does not exceed the specified maximum, ie “stream safe color”.


  • Hollywood’s Secret Weapon: A professional favorite with the popular S_LensFlare and S_Glow effects. Includes more than 20 effects.
  • LensFlare & Flare Designer: Completely revamped and redesigned, streamlined workflow, more creative options.
  • Glow: Produces natural, organic light from brighter areas of your video.
  • GlowDarks: The area of ​​the source clip darker than a given threshold is blurred and blends with the input clip to give a deep smoky look.
  • ZGlow: Radiates a variable width source crop area based on the depth value of the Z-buffer input.
  • EdgeRays: Produces a high-quality beam of light that radiates from the edges of objects in your video footage.
  • LensFlare: Create stylish, photorealistic lens flare or create your own custom flare.
  • LightLeak: Displays a purely abstract color pattern that simulates light leakage through gaps in the camera body.
  • Flashbulbs: simulates multiple flashes going off. With many small flashes, it could look like a stadium scene. With some big sparkles, the celebrity red carpet clips work great.
  • Light: Produces a high-quality beam of light that emits from the brightest parts of your footage.
  • Glare: Compound halos and flashes of light in your video by detecting the brightest areas in the frame.
  • Brightness: Produces a flash of starlight in the brightest areas of your video.
  • EmbossDistort: ​​enhance or immerse your video using a special relief map. Create large and thick wavy distortions or thin, crystalline curves.
  • EmbossGlass: Enhance or concave your video using a custom embossed map while adding vibrant chromatic distortion.
  • EmbossShiny: Enhance your video using a custom bump map while adding lighting effects to highlight highlights, reflections, and shadows.
  • SpotLight: Highlight specific areas of your footage with a series of hard and soft spotlights.


  • Made for TV: A must-have effect for music video work and promotions. Includes more than 50 effects such as S_DigitalDamage and S_FilmEffect.
  • PixelSort: Instantly create glitch digital art effects.
  • FilmEffect: Make video footage look like it was shot on film with realistic film rendering and exposure views.
  • FilmDamage: Give your videos a nostalgic archival film look by adding various elements of destruction.
  • TVDamage: Give your videos a retro television look by applying various streaming issues.
  • DigitalDamage: Add a buggy display of digital transmission errors to your videos.
  • ScanLines: Add scan line patterns to your videos to create a retro TV look.
  • Bleach Bypass: Simulates a film processing technique in which silver is not removed from negatives.
  • StripSlide: Cut your video into a strip that slides off the screen to display a background image.
  • RomanTile: Add a square or hexagonal chalkboard textured tile overlay to your images.
  • Brushes: Turn your recorded videos into elegant hand-painted works of art.
  • muzzle flash: Precisely simulate the flash and smoke from a variety of different caliber weapons.
  • VintageColor2Strip: Simulates a warm two-strip vintage film process from the 1920s.
  • VintageColor3Strip: Simulates the 3-strip color film process from 1935 to 1955.
  • Grain: Add color or black and white grain to give your video a filmed look.
  • EdgeDetect: Create appearances like chalk outlines, cartoons, or even neon lights.
  • Vignette: Adjust the border area of ​​your video to create a vignette effect.


  • Fast curved images: Add high-quality photorealistic lens distortion, in-camera shake, and chromatic aberration. Includes more than 20 effects.
  • Distort: ​​warps the source clip to produce a glass optical effect.
  • Shake: Shake your video on the x, y, and z axes in three different styles: edgy, edgy, and standard.
  • WarpCornerPin: Performs a 3D perspective curve of the source image to align the corners with the four points shown.
  • WarpPerspective: Convert the source clip to a perspective 3D plane.
  • WarpChroma: Divide your footage into the multi-colored tape and fold it into different amounts.
  • InfiniteZoom: Expands a repeating copy of an image to create an appearance like an endless corridor or a downward spiral.
  • DistortChroma: Produces a glass optical effect as if the image were viewed through a textured prism.
  • DistortRGB: Separates and doubles the red, green, and blue color channels in the image.
  • ZBlur: Adjusts the depth of field of 3D modeled objects and scenes without having to re-render from the 3D application.
  • ZDefocus: Adjusts the depth of field of the 3D model object with the lens properties out of focus.


  • Most Photorealistic Blur: The industry’s fastest in-camera blur tool includes 20+ effects like S_Blur, S_RackDefocus, and S_FreeLens.
  • RackDefocus: Simulate real camera lenses out of focus and maintain subtle reflections.
  • Beauty: Apply to smooth, aging removal, color correction, soft focus, and glow to skin areas.
  • Blur: Produces a high-quality blur effect without sacrificing speed or interactivity.
  • ZBlur: Blurs a different amount of the source clip area using the depth value of the ZBuffer input.
  • ZDefocus: Blurs the area of ​​the source clip by a different amount using the depth value of the ZBuffer input.
  • Blur Motion: Add realistic motion blur to any clip with complete control over angle, size, direction, and complexity.
  • EdgeAwareBlur: Blurs the smooth texture of images while keeping the edges sharp and clear.
  • Deb and: smooths clips by removing banding artifacts and dispersing pixels in the banded area.
  • Sharpness: Enhance the edges and fine details in your footage to create crisp, clear edges.
  • GrainRemove: smooths source clips while maintaining their edges.
  • Convolve: Merge the source image with the kernel.
  • ZConvolve: Concatenate the area of ​​the source clip using a kernel made larger or smaller using the depth value of the ZBuffer input.
  • ZDefocus: Blurs the area of ​​the source clip by a different amount using the depth value of the ZBuffer input.


  • Starting from scratch: add lightning bolts, clouds, textures, and even a starfield generator with date, time, and location precision. Includes more than 35 effects such as S_Zap, S_Grunge, and S_NightSky.
  • Aurora: Produces a swirl of two-color light along a user-controlled spline reminiscent of the Northern Lights.
  • Caustics: simulates patterns created when light rays are reflected or refracted by curved surfaces.
  • Grunge: Add natural texture elements to blur the shot.
  • Zap: Create photorealistic lighting with this versatile tool.
  • Moon: creates a photorealistic representation of the moon that shows precise lunar cycles.
  • NightSky: Create accurate star fields by entering the date, time, and location.
  • muzzle flash: Simulates the flash and smoke generated when a gun is fired.
  • TextureFlux: Create abstract textures from fluctuating fluid or cellular patterns.
  • TextureFolded: Creates an abstract texture that resembles a folded fabric or liquid that can be animated.
  • TextureTiles: Create animated backgrounds and textures from geometric patterns.
  • Clouds: Produces a noise texture that recreates the appearance of clouds to enhance or replace the sky.
  • Gradients: Quickly create subtle color gradients that can be combined with background clips.
  • GradientMulti: Produce multiple color gradients quickly and easily.
  • GradientRadial: Generates quick and easy circular color gradients.
  • Sparkles: Creates an area with a shiny glitter effect.


  • Never blink blank again: editor’s dream. Includes more than 50 best transitions in the industry.
  • WhipLash: A rocking pan speeds up.
  • Dissolve glow: transitions between two input clips using a bright flash.
  • Dissolve blur: transitions between two input clips while blurring each one.
  • Swish Pan: Transitions between two input clips that provide a quick pan.
  • Film Roll: Transition between two clips by scrolling one screen vertically and scrolling the other. Apply various damage effects to the film such as bumps, smears, scratches, and flickers.
  • Dissolve Shake: Transition between two clips by applying a shaking motion along with a quick dissolve.
  • Dissolve LensFlare: transition between two input clips using an animated lens flare.
  • StripSlide transition: Transition between two clips by dividing them into strips and sliding them off the screen one by one to show the incoming clips.


  • Bend time with a click: create mind-blowing lanes and instant feedback or take slow motion. Includes more than 25 effects
  • Retime: smoothly slow down or speed up time with the Sapphire Optical Flow Retimer.
  • TimeWarpRGB: Changes the red, green, and blue channels in time by different amounts to produce a temporal chromatic distortion.
  • TimeSlice: Divides the output frame into sections, where each slice receives a different frame from the source clip.
  • Average time: each output frame is the average of several input frames: from the current frame to the previous number of frames.
  • Cut to Dissolve: Turn the handleless pieces into a clip to dissolve.
  • RepairFrames: Repair one or more clip frames by replacing them with versions of the surrounding frames with time curves.
  • RandomEdits: Re-edits all source clips at random. Random Play is random but can be repeated.
  • FieldRemove: Adaptively removes mesh video plane artifacts from moving areas, without blurring still parts of the image.
  • Blink: Changes the color of the source clip a different amount of time for the blink effect.
  • FlickerMatch: Adds flicker to the source clip using flicker from the second match clip.
  • FlickerRemove: removes temporary flicker from a source clip
  • Feedback: Frames blend from past and future to create a beautiful feedback effect.

What’s new in Boris FX Sapphire 2021.0?

  • Metal GPU-acceleration: The fastest render speeds on Macs
  • S_UltraGlow: The world’s best glow just got better
  • S_UltraZap: The most electrifying results ever
  • LensFlare Designer: More customization = More photorealistic flares
  • 45+ presets designed by artists & 10 new lens flares

Fixed Issues:

  • Some improvements and bug fixes.


Boris FX Sapphire Patch + Keygen {Latest} Free Download

Boris FX Sapphire Crack + Patch {Updated} Free Download

System Requirements:                  

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: 64-bit Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores
  • Memory: 8 GB or more
  • Disk: High-speed disk array or SSD storage
  • Graphics Card: High-end NVIDIA Quadro, TITAN or GeForce Pascal, e.g. Quadro P5000 or GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  • Monitor: 1920×1080 or higher, including high dpi 4k monitors
  • GPU Acceleration: NVIDIA cards only. The latest NVIDIA CUDA card and driver is recommended.

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