progeCAD 2021 Professional Crack {Latest} Free Download

progeCAD 2021 Professional Registration Key + Patch {Latest} Free Download

progeCAD 2021 Professional Crack {Latest} Free Download

progeCAD 2021 Professional Crack is an AutoCAD® compatible 2D / 3D CAD application that works with AutoCAD® DWG files from AutoCAD® 2.5 to AutoCAD® 2021 and imports Autodesk Revit® and IFC files. The best solution for AEC, MCAD, and all common CAD applications. progeCAD sells under an unlimited license and offers more CAD features than AutoCAD® LT at a much lower price than AutoCAD®, ArchiCAD® or Microstation®

With progeCAD 2021 Professional Patch, drawing and editing have become faster, easier, and more efficient thanks to new commands and tools such as SELFILTER, Selection Cycling, Quick Properties, and Associative Array. Two new custom ribbon menus for beginners and 2D designers make it easy for you to just have a handy set of tools at your fingertips and get rid of unnecessary functionality that takes up your workspace. It is much easier to handle image data in progeCAD 2021 because users can now quickly extract and organize all image data by creating multiple tables such as material lists and parts lists with extract data commands.

The new ability to create QR CODES from text or URLs and insert them into your images further enriches the project with valuable information. Another improvement involves an image publishing phase: progeCAD 2021 Professional Keygen offers automatic publishing commands and also adds a PDF Append function to better manage the documentation of images exported to PDF. Lastly, the new major version is also enhanced with discipline-specific features such as section and elevation creation, 2D parametric libraries with structural/mechanical construction components, and import of Solid Works parts and .sldprt .sldasm assembly files.

progeCAD 2021 Professional Key Features:

  • DWG AND BIM SUPPORT: DWG is the native progeCAD 2021 Professional Activator file format. It is the same file format as AutoCAD, so when you open a DWG file with progeCAD, there is no file conversion or data loss. We provide industry-standard support for AutoCAD®, which means you can get started using DWG files, commands, fonts, blocks, patterns, and line types right away. Additionally, progeCAD imports BIM objects from Autodesk Revit® and IFC.
  • PDF TO DWG: The PDF2DWG tool included with progeCAD Professional and iCADMac converts engineering PDF vector images to DWG / DXF format as editable objects.
  • FAMILY INTERFACE: progeCAD offers a complete interface with the classic “AutoCAD® – Like” icon and a ribbon menu and “AutoCAD® – Like” command. The standard and intuitive user interface, familiar to all AutoCAD® users who will be able to start progeCAD 2021 Professional Registration Key immediately. No learning curve Nothing to learn if you are an AutoCAD® user.
  • ICADLIB: iCADLib, included in progeCAD and iCADMac, contains more than 22,000 2D / 3D blocks. Idlib also integrates the Trace parts and Chains web portal for easy and guided use of the more than 100 million blocks available online.
  • NO ANNUAL FEES: You can finally buy a DWG compliant CAD program at a very affordable price. The progeCAD license is unlimited and allows customers to use licensed software indefinitely. NO ANNUAL FEES. Feel safe and totally legal to use progeCAD instead of AutoCAD®. You decide when to renew.
  • EASYARCH 3D: progeCAD Professional includes automated construction tools for architects, designed to increase productivity in the design and renovation of homes and interiors. Works in 2D and 3D
  • ADVANCED FEATURES: Apart from being a comprehensive 2D / 3D CAD tool with all the basic drawing functions, progeCAD 2021 Professional License Key offers professionals a number of powerful features and exclusive tools.
  • RATIO: progeCAD offers all the main features available with AutoCAD® and is also known for handy add-ons that are added free of charge to further increase your productivity. It’s profitable drawing power!
  • ALTERNATIVE CAD: progeCAD Professional is a native 2D / 3D DWG CAD for general-purpose drawing. This program offers very high compatibility with AutoCAD®, but progeCAD is more than just a market-leading alternative. progeCAD integrates its proprietary tools and sells them with PERPETUAL LICENSES at lower costs than industry leaders.
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY: ProgeCAD’s native DWG format ensures full compatibility with AutoCAD® WITHOUT ANY FILE CONVERSION and without losing important information. progeCAD 2021 Professional Crack offers a complete interface with classic “AutoCAD® – Like” icons and a Ribbon menu and “AutoCAD® – Like” commands.

What’s new in progeCAD 2021 Professional

  • PDF2DWG 2.0: The New conversion engine with pages preview and such new options as the Batch conversion of all PDFs in a folder, multi-page PDF conversion, dashed lines recognition, plus dozens of other important improvements.
  • PDF with Append function: The Append function allows us to add a new sheet to an existing PDF to create multi-page PDFs when printing different views of a drawing or different drawings.
  • SELECTION CYCLING: The control of selection when you select an object that overlaps other objects. Cycling through overlapping objects makes your selection extremely easier.
  • Solid Works IMPORT: progeCAD has added import of new essential file formats. progeCAD 2021 can now import .sldprt part files and .sldasm assembly files created with Solid Works.
  • QRCODE: Create and insert a QRCODE from any text, URL, etc. Make text in your drawings scan-able from QR Codes using any mobile phone or tablet with a camera. QR Codes, also known as mobile barcodes, allow representing text, URLs, contacting information, etc. Users may get automatically a lot of useful information for the execution of maintenance, simply scanning the QR Codes visible in the drawings.
  • Parametric generation and insertion of mechanical/structural components for construction using a dedicated interface:
    • Wood: Lumber, Trus Joist® TJI®
    • Steel: Angle, Channel, Tubing, Pipe, S-W-M-HP Shape, S-M-W Tee Shape
    • Steel: Studs, Studs, Joist, Track
  • Two Tool Palettes for the new Structures library are provided, ready to use (Steel standard, Profiles, and Wooden details)
  • New POLYGON GRIPS: Enable to display a new set of grips for rectangles or polygon polylines. Enhanced options to stretch rotate or scale polygons.
  • New POLYGON PROPERTIES: Enable a set of new properties in order to better manipulate regularly-shaped polylines (rectangles or polygons)
  • ROTATE on PASTE and PASTEBLOCK: Now you can rotate entities while performing Paste operations for a direct alignment of elements.
  • Improved MTEXT:

       Functions to Paste text without formatting

       Functions to remove the formatting of the selected text

       Settings for the in-place background-color

       Annotative button in the MTEXT editor

  • Associative ARRAY: progeCAD can now create Associative Arrays entities editable through the properties panel. It is now extremely easy to dynamically modify a number of items, rows, columns, angles, rotation, etc.
  • UNDO Step: Undoes commands selecting from a list showing all the executed commands.
  • Section and Elevation lines: Creating 2D sections and elevations from 3D models in your drawings. You can control the size and shape of any created section/elevation and dynamically update an existing section/elevation when the objects included in the section/elevation are modified. The feature is similar to those available in AutoCAD Architecture. The Commands can be applied on all 3D objects, including IFC and Revit Under layers/imported models.
  • IMAGE CLIP on the boundary: A new option to use a Polyline as a clipping boundary.
  • Improved REVCLOUD: New options: Rectangular, Circular, and Elliptical. Now you can draw Revclouds with a specific shape using the classic or calligraphic mode. Alternatively, create a Revision cloud directly by selecting an object and transforming it.
  • PHOTOMETRIC PROPERTIES: progeCAD now supports the Photometric properties for the lights entities. Through the properties panel now you can manage the Lamp Intensity and the Lamp Color.

Fixed Issues:

  • Use the Frame buffer object display system” reduces GPU memory usage, can be helpful with the integrated graphic card.
  • Hide small entity in the block” simplifies drawing visualization hiding the smallest objects of blocks, useful in large drawings with many blocks.
  • Improved speed in drawings containing cropped Xrefs and large Xrefs.
  • Better visualization for 3D drawings in Conceptual and Realistic mode.
  • Cleaner edges with ISOLINES.
  • Greater working speed and management of drawings with active shading.


progeCAD 2021 Professional Serial Key + Activator {Tested} Free Download

progeCAD 2021 Professional Activation Key + Keygen{Updated} Free Download 

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows® Vista or Windows 7
  • Intel Pentium® III or more powerful processor (recommended)
  • 1 GB RAM (minimum), 2 GB (recommended for complex drawings)
  • 400 MB of hard

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